Equipment & Tools

It contains Automatic / Semi Automatic Machine for Strapping, Taping and Stretch Wrapping Machine used to strap carton boxes, of various sizes. Steel Tool & Battery operated tool for the products of heavy weight.

Consumable Item

It contains Polyester Strap, PP Strap, BOPP Tape, Angle / PVC Edge Board, Stretch Film & Cushioning Material.

Weighing Scales

It contains Electronic Weighing Scales which can be used in different segments like Jewellery, Pharma and Textile Industry etc .

Container Lashing and Lifting Belts

Container Lashing

It is type of packing which ceases the movement of the product in the container.

Lifting Belts

It provides an alternative solution to lift the heavy product using chain, ensuring complete safety of the product.

Note Counting and Fake Note Detector

Note Counting

It is Robust and Heavy Duty Note Couting Machine With Compact Design, Versatile,And Highly Reliable Performance.

Fake Note Detector

It Detects Most Currency Denomination, Traveller's Cheques, Passports,Credit Cards, Demand Drafts, Stamp Paper, Transfer Certificate, dividend, Warrant, and Host of Application Providing Security Identification .


Tapes For various Industrial Applications Like

Industrial Self Adhesive Tapes, High Temperature Single/Double sided Tapes, Mirror Mounting Tapes, PVC Tapes, Insulation Tapes, Plate Mounting Tapes, Filmic Tapes, PE Foam Tapes, MO Tapes, Cello Tapes, Printed Plain Packaging Tapes, Double Sided Tapes, Filament Tapes, PP Tapes, Safety Tapes, Floor Marking Tapes, Repulpable & non-Repulpable Tapes, Polyester Tapes, Tissue Tapes, Cotton Tapes, Friction Tapes, Surface Protection, Rayon Tapes, Fastening Solutions, Repairing Solutions, Safety & Marking Solutions, Masking Solutions, Strapping & Packaging Solutions .